Create and manage a program season


This article describes how to create, update, and delete a program season.


Program seasons allow a program to be run over multiple terms, seasons, or years. Seasons are the heart of PlayHQ's program feature, with registration forms, participants, and participation dates all tied to a season.


Create a program season

To create a program season, you must first create a program. Once a program is created, select the program within the Programs area and then select the 'Add Season' button:

Select a Season name, Start date, and End date that will be displayed to participants during registration:

Finally, select Save to create your program season and it will appear in your program's season list:

Congratulations! Your season is now created and you are ready to start configuring a local program registration form or configure a shared program registration form or shared program registration settings.

Update a program season

To update a program season, select the season in the program's season list, select Settings, make any required changes then select Update & Save:

Delete a program season

To delete a program season, select the season in the program's season list, select Settings then select Delete:

Then select Delete Season:

📝  Note: Program seasons can only be deleted if registration forms, custom fields and groups have not been configured in the season.

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