Create and manage a program season

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This article will cover the following:

  1. How to create a program season
  2. How to update a program season 
  3. How to delete a program season

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This article describes how to create, update, and delete a program season.

Program seasons allow a program to be run over multiple terms, seasons, or years. Seasons are the heart of PlayHQ's program feature, with registration forms, participants, and participation dates all tied to a season.


Create a program season

To create a program season, you must first create a program. Once a program is created, select the program within the Programs area and then select the 'Add Season' button:

Select a Season name, Start date, and End date that will be displayed to participants during registration:


If you are creating a season for a local program, you will see that a Session details section is available under the season dates. Here you can include high level details about the sessions offered in season. Participating organisations in a shared program will also have access to this capability, but will need to set these session details up via the Season Settings tab. More information on Session details can be found in the Manage program season settings article



Finally, select Save to create your program season and it will appear in your program's season list:

Congratulations! Your season is now created and you are ready to start configuring a local program registration form or configure a shared program registration form or shared program registration settings.

Update a program season

To update a program season, select the season in the program's season list, select Settings, make any required changes then select Update & Save:

Delete a program season

To delete a program season, select the season in the program's season list, select Settings then select Delete:

Then select Delete Season:

📝  Note: Program seasons can only be deleted if registration forms, custom fields and groups have not been configured in the season.

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