Create and manage a program

Applicable to: ALL Administrators
Application(s): Admin Portal > Program Management > Programs

This article will cover the following:

  1. How to create a program
  2. How to update a program
  3. How to delete a program

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This article describes how to create, update, and delete a program.

Please refer to the Programs overview article for a complete overview of the PlayHQ Programs feature.

Create a program

To create a program, navigate to the Programs area then select Add Program:

Select whether the Program is a Local or Shared Program. Note that Shared Programs can only be created by Organisations classified as "Administrative Bodies". Associations and Clubs may only participate in Shared Programs, but will have the ability to create Local Programs, still.

Select a Format, as well.

📝  Note: The format is used to group similar programs together to assist with reporting and helping participants find a form of participation that is right for them.


Enter the program Name and Description that will be displayed to participants during registration.

Screen_Shot_2023-02-22_at_2.21.35_pm.pngFinally, select Save to create your program and it will appear in your organisation's program list:

Congratulations! You've successfully created a program. To continue setting up your program you will need to Create a program season.

Update a program

To update a program, select the program in the Programs area, select Settings, make any required changes then select Save.

💡  Tip: A shared program cannot be updated to be a local program, once created, and vice versa. If you accidentally selected the wrong type of program by mistake, delete then re-create the program.

Delete a program

To delete a program, select the program in the Programs area, select Settings then select Delete:



Then confirm your selection to Delete Program:

📝  Note: Programs can only be deleted if they do not contain any seasons.

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