Configure shared program registration settings

This article describes how an admin body can configure registration settings for a shared program created by their organisation or by a parent organisation.


Shared program registration settings allow an admin body to:

  • Define an overall date range that all program registrations must fall within
  • Create fees that are applied to all program registration
  • Add products that can be purchased by participants registering to the program

Managing shared program configuration settings does not create a program registration form. See Configure a shared program registration form for details of how a club or association participating in a shared program season can configure their organisation's registration form.


Configure shared program registration settings

To begin the configuration process, navigate to the Programs area, select a Program and Season, within the season's Registration tab navigate to the Settings area, then select Configure Registration Settings:

Enter the overall Registration period that child organisations will need to fall within when configuring their registration forms and settings, and enable Age Restrictions if required:

Enter any Registration Fees or set up advanced registration fees to apply to child organisations:

If you wish to add products to your child organisations' registration forms, select any required products, the roles that each product will be visible to during registration, and whether those products are mandatory for those role(s) to purchase during registration:

Finally, select Save to complete your registration setting setup. Once completed, your registration settings can be updated by selecting Manage on the registration settings summary details panel:

Congratulations! Your registration settings are now applied to all child organisation registration forms in the program season.

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