Launch a shared program season


This article describes how an admin body that created a shared program can launch a season to make that season available to participating clubs and associations.


When a shared program season is created, the creating admin body and any child admin bodies are able to configure registration forms, products, fees, and the list of participating organisations before the season is made visible to any participating organisations.

Launching a season is the process of making the season visible to participating organisations, allowing them to configure registration forms and allows participants to register for the season.


Launching a shared program season

Before launching a shared program season, ensure that you have configured your participant to season registration settings and have shared the season with at least one organisation.

To launch the season, navigate to the Programs area, select the program and season to launch and then select Launch Season:


Congratulations! Your season is now available to all participating organisations.

Monitoring child organisations

Once the season has been launched, monitor the registration setup progress of your child organisations using the organisation list and the filters provided:

💡  Tip: Use the organisations report to view organisation setup progress as well as monitor participant registration numbers.

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