Creating and managing program groups


This article describes how to create program groups for a program season.


Program groups allow participants to be categorised for programs that are run on different days, at different times, or have different gender requirements. If groups are created for a program, participants are able to nominate a preferred group during registration and can then be moved between groups or put in multiple groups by an administrator.

For example, a program may be run with a 'Saturday boys' group and a 'Sunday mixed' group while sharing a common registration form and fees. In this instance, an administrator can create two groups for the program, and each participant can nominate to participate either on Saturday or Sunday during registration.

Groups can also be created following participant registration, with the administrator then allocating registered participants to the relevant group.

Creating a group

To create a group, navigate to the Programs area, select a program and season, then select the Groups tab within the Participants tab. Next, select Add Group:

On the group details page, enter the group Name and optionally the Day, number of Sessions, Start Date, Gender, Start Time, End Time, and Visibility on registration forms:

Finally, select Save to save your group.

Allocating participants to a group

To allocate a participant to a group, select to View the group from the group page then select Allocate Participant:

In the Allocate Participant form, use the available filters to find the participant(s) to allocate to the group, select the checkbox next to each required participant, then select Allocate Participants:

💡  Tip: Participants can be allocated to more than one group.

Unallcoating a participant from a group

To unallocate a participant from a group, select Unallocate for the participant on the group page:

Updating a group

To update a group's details, select Edit on the group page:

Update the group's details then select Update & Save:

Deleting a group

Before deleting a group, ensure that allow participants have been unallocated from the group. Once all participants have been unallocated, select Delete from the group page to delete the group:


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