How do I add players who are not in the line-up or roster (Eg. Fill in players)?

Only players who are allocated to a team or added to the line-up in the admin portal will appear on the device. You can add fill-in players to a game by going to the relevant teams line up and selecting Add Fill-in and adding the relevant player information, however please note this record does not link or connect to any existing PlayHQ profile. Please note, fill-ins can only play one game as a fill, after which time they must register.

The game settings don’t appear to be correct (Eg. The number of dismissals, max overs per bowler etc)

These settings are all entered by the association when creating the competition.  If something is not quite right, we suggest touching base with your club or association admininstrator who will be able to assist you.

How do I adjust parameters/apply DLS or end an innings?

To update the parameters, apply DLS, end and over or innings early.  Select ‘Actions’ and then the appropriate action.  For more information, click here

When will results appear on Are scores shown live?

If the device you are using to e-score is connected to the internet, the scores will automatically be sent to and the Play Cricket app in real time, allowing supporters to see results live.

If the device is not connected to the internet, you will still be able to use e-scoring and the games will be synced to as soon as the device comes back online.

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