Replace Event - Changing dot balls, runs and extras

This article describes how to replace events in the PlayHQ Cricket electronic scoring application. This will be useful in the following scenarios:

  • Changing a dot ball to a run event or visa versa

  • Changing a run event to an extra (for example 2 runs to 2 byes) or visa versa

  • Changing the type of extra (for example a wide to a no-ball)

To edit the value of an event (for example changing from 1 run to 2 runs or changing from 1 bye to 2 byes) or to change the batter, bowler or fielder of an event, please see this article

Replace Event

To replace a ball event with a new event, select the options icon next to the event you wish to replace. You may replace any event within the innings

Select Replace Event

Select the new event

Configure the new event, for example change the number of runs or extras

If the replacement event has an impact on the subsequent balls, you can toggle the Switch Strike Rate on to adjust automatically. When you toggle this on, the strike batter will switch for all remaining balls in that over, and their batting statistics will update automatically

Review the change and select Replace Event to make the change

All team, batting, bowling and partnerships statistics will update automatically. All batting and bowling limits will also be applied correctly.

Overall adjustments

If you have made a mistake but you don't know which event the mistake took place, you can make adjustments to team, batting and extras totals in the scorecard. See instructions here:

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