This article describes how to change the batter or bowler in the PlayHQ Cricket electronic scoring application.

Changing a batter

To change a batter, select the batter you wish to change then select Change Batter:

Select the New Batter then select Change Batter:

The batter that was changed will be replaced by the new batter.

A batter can only be changed if they have not faced any balls. To change a batter who has faced balls, remove the invalid balls then change the batter.

Switching the strike batter

Switching the strike batter changes the on-strike batter from the current strike batter to the non-strike batter, ensuring that the next ball is recorded against the correct batter.

To switch the strike batter, select any of the two batters then select Switch Strike Batter:

The strike batter will be switched from the strike batter to the non-strike batter.

The strike batter will automatically be switched after a ball is recorded or an over is completed based on the number of runs made on the previous ball, any ‘Crossed’ value captured against a wicket and the grade’s new batter settings.

Retire not out

Retiring a batter not out removes them from play and allows them to return to bat at any time later in the innings.

To retire a batter not out, select the batter you wish to retire then select Retire Not Out:

Select the New Batter then select Retire Batter Not Out

The new batter will replace the batter who retired not out.

Change bowler

Changing a bowler allows an injured bowler to be replaced during an over.

To change the bowler, select the Bowler then select Change Bowler:

Select the New Bowler then select Change Bowler:

The new bowler will replace the previous bowler.

Bowlers that have reached their bowling limit, if bowling limits are enabled for the grade, are not displayed in the list.

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