This article explains how to become a Secondary Scorer for a game of cricket


If required, multiple devices can be scoring a game. However, only one device can be considered
the primary scorer and have scores sync to or PlayCricket app.

Become Secondary Scorer

To become the secondary scorer for a game, setup the session and select the game.
If the game is already being scored on another device, you will be prompted to either take the game over as the primary scorer or become the secondary scorer.

As the secondary scorer, you can now score the game, however no events will sync back to or PlayCricket app. If at any point you’d like to become the primary scorer, you can do so by selecting Options > Change Scoring Status. This will prompt the device takeover option.                                            

IMPORTANT: Please note that if a secondary device takes over the primary device the game’s
score will always begin from where the primary device was last connected to the internet.

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