Understanding how ladders are calculated for Cricket

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators, Participants
Application(s): Admin Portal > Competition > Settings > Game Defaults > Format
Admin Portal > Competition > Season > Grade > Settings > Game > Format

This article will cover the following:

  1. How competition and grade ladders are configured

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When viewing a Grade's Ladder, you will see the columns and statistics for the ladder that has been chosen by the organisation managing the Grade.

Ladder Ranking

Ladders are ranked by one of these two columns chosen by the league administrator:

Total Ladder Points: The total of Game Outcome points plus Bonus Points awarded throughout a season. 

Ladder Points Average: The Total Ladder Points divided by the number of games that the team has played (excluding byes).

If two teams are equal on the column chosen above, a secondary ranking that is chosen by the league administrator is used. Many leagues often use Quotient (Q) as the secondary ranking column.

This is sometimes referred to as % or "Runs Per Wicket Ratio".  The calculation for Quotient is as follows: 

Game Outcome Points

PlayHQ sets default values for all game types to ensure ladders can be calculated, but associations have the option to change these values should they need to via the custom option:



2 Day Format default game outcome points:


T20 Custom Game Outcome Points

Associations can decide the points for the below T20 outcomes:


One Day Custom Game Outcome Points

Associations can decide the points for the below One Day outcomes:


Two Day Custom Game Outcome Points

Associations can decide the points for the below Two Day outcomes:


Bonus Points

Associations can toggle on Bonus points for a grade, which creates an additional column in the Ladder.

Bonus Points + Game Outcome Points = Total Ladder Points for a team.

Associations can choose whether the bonus points applies to the Overall Ladder or just this Game Type (T20, One Day & Two Day) ladder. THis only applies to Cricket

Automatic Bonus Points will be derived based on the the runs and wickets scored by each times multipled by the number configured in the grade setting. These will automatically added to the ladder under BP (Bonus Points)

Manual Bonus points can be be added to each game if the setting is toggled on.

Once the setting is on, Manual Bonus points can be added across all PlayHQ platforms.

Club or Association Admins can enter Manual Bonus Points in the Game Details section of the Admin Portal

Coaches or Team Manager with Management Access can enter Manual Bonus Points via My Teams

Scorers can enter Manual Bonus Points prior to submitting the game:


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