Assign Wicket Keeper

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application(s): Admin Portal > Game Day
Participant Portal > My Teams

This article will cover the following:

  1. Association admins configuring if a wicket keeper should be added to a line up
  2. Team selectors selecting Wicket Keeper in line-ups in the admin portal
  3. Coaches, captains and team managers with management access, selecting wicket keeper in my teams
  4. Publishing player positions on public game centres

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Players are generally selected in player positions prior to a game in order to:

  • Help team selectors when selecting teams
  • Give greater context to a fan/follower of the match. 
    • Display which players are playing in a game
    • Comparing players for opposing teams
    • Evaluating a players performance based on the position they were selected in

Configuring player positions (Wicket Keeper)

As an association admin, to configure player positions:

  1. Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition, select the Grade, Settings, then the Game tab.
  2. In Player positions section, this toggle if enabled will display wicket keeper when selecting players for starting line-ups. The Wicket Keeper(s) will also be published on the public game centres depending on the grades publishing settings.


Enforcing positions when selecting starting line-ups means all players must have a position assigned in order to save the line-up.

Assigning Player positions in the Admin Portal

If player positions are enabled, as a club admin (association admins can also enter positions), select the Game Day menu and find the relevant game via the date field then select the Details button.


From here, I can select my team using Select Team.
Once all players have assigned Wicket Keeper (in the case of being enforced) and player requirements such as minimums have been met, then the Next button becomes active, and the lineup can be saved.  Note multiple players can be listed as the Wicket Keeper.  This can also be updated during the game in e-score

Selecting player positions via My Teams

Management access must be provided by your association or club admin in order to select lineups from My Teams. For more information on My Teams click here.

Log in to your Playhq account, then select My Account from the menu in the top right corner. Select the appropriate user and sport (if applicable). Then select the team, relevant game and Manage tab. Then click the ‘'Select Team'' button.

The Team manager/Coach can select the player(s) that will be wicket keeper during the match.



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