Understanding ladder ranking

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application(s): Admin Portal > Competition Management

This article will cover the following:

  1. How to set and change ladder ranking views for a grade

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Setting the Ladder Ranking Order

The Ladder Ranking Order of your grade is configured in the Ladder Settings.

These are within in the game default settings by selecting the Competition > Settings > Game Defaults


They can also be set at an individual grade level by selecting Grade > Settings > Game

For Cricket, you also need to select which Game Type (T20, One Day & Two Day) ladder you wish to configure.



Use the drop downs to the select which field you wish to rank the teams by from 1st priority to 5th priority and select Update and Save.

The ladder ranking of teams will based on the field chosen as the 1st priority, if the teams are equal, (for example the same number of total ladder points), the 2nd priority field will then determine which team is ranked higher, and so forth for the 3rd, 4th and 5th priority.

At any time, you can update the priority and the grades ladder will be immediately updated to display accordingly.

  • Total ladder points
  • Ladder points average
  • Match Ratio

The main difference between these ranking types is that the Ladder points average ladder ranks teams based only on the result of the games played. 'Byes' do not factor in the calculation. This is deemed to be a fairer manner to rank teams in typical domestic type competitions as often teams are provided with an unequal number of 'byes' given the number of rounds in the regular season and the number of teams in the grade.


The Match Ratio is a calculation that is used to rank ladders similar in many ways Ladder Points Average (in that it allows for fairness when the number of games each team plays in a season is not equal).  However, they are fundamentally different in regards to the calculation method and display. 

Teams will be sorted based on the ratio of matches won. The Match Ratio % is calculated:



The Total ladder points ladder includes 'byes' in the ranking of teams with 'byes' given a specific ladder (championship) points outcome. Teams will be sorted based on their total ladder (competition) points.

For Cricket specific calculations & ladder information, please refer to this page.

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