Many State and Territory governments offer a 'sports voucher' program designed to increase the number of children playing organised sport by reducing cost as a barrier to participation. Each organisation that wishes to be involved must be an approved activity provider and children must apply for their unique voucher code that can then be applied when registering to approved organisations to reduce their registration fee. The organisation then receives the corresponding funds from the State/Territory Government.

Eligibility, processes, and discounts vary for each State/Territory. Further information can be found via links to the individual government voucher program in the table below:

State or Territory Government Voucher Program
Northern Territory Sport Voucher Scheme
South Australia Sports Vouchers
Western Australia KidSport
Queensland FairPlay Voucher
New South Wales/ACT Active and Creative Kids Voucher
Tasmania Ticket To Play
Victoria Kids Voucher Program


Key information

  • Multiple organisations in a sport's PlayHQ hierarchy can enable a State/Territory government voucher. The government voucher will be applied firstly against the organisation registration fee that the participant is registering to (only if enabled by the organisation) and if there are surplus funds available then the voucher will be applied against the fee of the next organisation in the hierarchy (again, only if the government voucher has been enabled by that organisation) ie. firstly applied to a club's registration fee, then to an association fee, then the sport's admin body and/or national body fees.   
  • Once applied, the government voucher will appear on:
  • PlayHQ vouchers will be applied to the registration fees first and then the government sporting voucher will be applied in order to maximise the saving for the registrant.  Saving is maximised because the government voucher can apply across multiple organisations (if enabled) whereas the PlayHQ voucher is limited to the organisation that supplied the discount voucher.

Managing Government Vouchers for your organisation

Before you begin enabling a government voucher, ensure your organisation is an approved activity provider as required by your state or territory.

To start using Government vouchers, go to Settings, and then the General section of the PlayHQ Admin Portal. 

Voucher Settings Screen.jpg

Note: Vouchers are turned off by default. Activate only if your organisation is approved by the relevant State/Territory organisation that manages the government voucher program.

When a government voucher has been toggled ON or OFF and the ''Update & Save'' button selected, a message will appear to confirm.  Once a government voucher is enabled, it can be applied against your organisation's registration fees when a participant is registering. Turning the voucher "OFF" will deactivate the ability for a participant to redeem a government sporting voucher at your organisation. You can specify if a government voucher can be used for registration to your Competitions, and/or Local Programs, and Shared Programs.

Voucher Reporting

Vouchers that have been applied by registrants will appear in the Transaction Report and the Government Vouchers Report.  Information from the Government Voucher Report can be used to redeem Government Vouchers via the appropriate Government portal.


During the Payment & Summary step of the registration process, a participant selects that they have a government voucher:



and then selects and enters the details of the available government voucher. The appropriate discount is then applied to the fees payable:



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