Promotional Vouchers

Governing bodies can create promotional vouchers for participant registrations. A promotional voucher can be applied to payments issued by other organisations in the sport. Promotional vouchers could be discounts for:

  • Registering to certain competition format or shared program format in the sport.
  • Sponsorships with partners in a national program
  • Partnerships in a competition


Promotional vouchers can be issued in bulk and include a set number of uses. They can be deactivated at any time. Participants redeem a promotional voucher by applying the promotional code at the registration payment checkout.

Organisational Discounts Applied

When a participant payment goes to multiple organisations, the promotional voucher discount applies to the parent organisation followed by the following parent organisation (if any discount can still be applied).


Create a Promotional Voucher

Governing Bodies Only

Only the sporting governing body (top-level administrative body) can create promotional vouchers.

To create a voucher:

  1. From the menu, click My Organisation > Overview.
  2. Click the Vouchers tab.
  3. Click Create a voucher.

  4. Click the Promotional voucher type.promo_vouchers_create_promo.png

  5. Enter the Voucher Details, including Name, value and number of uses.

  6. Select the Competition and/or Share Program Formats applicable.
  7. Click Activate Voucher.

  8. Click Create (top right of screen). The voucher code is ready to be distributed.

Tip: Voucher use can be reviewed in the Promotional Vouchers report, identifying discounts applied to each organisation.


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