Generate a Total Career Statistics Report

The Total Career Statistics Report displays an overall view of players' total games played and total statistics across their careers. The report can be used to celebrate milestone games or statistics during the season and at the end of a season. The report returns players who have registered within the season/s chosen and displays the last season registered to date.

To generate the report, select the Reports menu item, then the Statistics tab, and then the Total Career Statistics report. Select the relevant Competition, and Season, and then click the Generate button. The report can also be run with ‘'All Competitions’' and ‘'All Seasons’' to include more players.

The report is sorted by:

  • Primary: Last Name (A → Z)

  • Secondary: First Name  (A → Z)

  • Tertiary: Games Played (Descending)

Note: This report is currently only available for Association and Club Admins.

The report will be generated and a success message at the bottom of the page will indicate that report is ready to be downloaded:

Go to the 'Generated Reports' tab to see the list of generated reports. Click the Download button to download the report in a .csv format. If the report status is still generating after a couple of minutes, please refresh your page.

The report will include the following columns:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Profile ID

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Last Season Registered

  • Games Played

  • Statistics (depending on the sport)

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