Admins will now be able to link custom fields together in order to ask participants for additional information based on the answer of a previous question.

Admins can link up to three custom fields together, however, in order for this feature to be enabled the first custom field must be a 'Dropdown' type field. All subsequent fields can be a dropdown or text box response depending on how many questions you want to link together.

Note: that a text box type field cannot link to another text box type field 


Creating a conditional custom field

In order to set up a conditional field you must first create a dropdown type custom field, as set out here.

In this example, the following three questions will be created and linked together:

  • Do you have an allergy ? (Yes, No)

    • What type of allergy do you have (Dairy, Nuts, Fish, Eggs)

      • Can you provide more information (Text box, linked to the response of Fish) 

Create the Parent Question 

In the Custom Fields tab of the registration view, create a new custom question.



Enter the question label, and select Dropdown List as the type. The Dropdown Options must include at least two possible responses to choose from.



Add the relevant roles that this question will apply to and display settings to nominate the forms where the question will be displayed. Save the question. 




Creating and linking the Child Question

Next, the child question needs to be created. This will be the question that displays based on one of the responses from the parent question created. 

Based on the response of 'Yes' from the previous question, the participant will then answer the child question of 'What type of allergy do you have?'. 

Create the question and select assign a question type. This can be dropdown or text box as it not the parent question.



Scroll down to the Display Configuration section which will display the Conditional field toggle.

Switching this toggle to on will present a new field Link to this parent field. The display settings will be removed because a child question conditional field will inherit the display settings (roles, forms) from the parent question.


In the dropdown select the parent question the child question will be linked to. Once the parent field is selected, an option dropdown field will appear. 


Select the Option from the Parent question that the child question to be linked to. In this example, the child question will be linked to the option of 'Yes'.  

Note: a child question can only be linked to one response from the parent question.


Once the child field is linked to the parent field and parent option, click the Create button to create and save the child question. 



Viewing, Deleting and Editing Conditional Custom Fields 

Once a conditional field has been created, the Custom Fields List page will list the conditional fields and the relevant parent field relationship. 


To delete a parent question, the child question will need to be unlinked or deleted entirely. This can be done by turning the conditional toggle off and saving the child question. This will unlink the questions and they will be shown independently. 


This will allow a parent question to be deleted or alternatively if both questions are no longer required,  delete the child question and then the parent question. 

Conditional Fields can be edited by selecting the pencil icon.



Participant Registration View 

During the registration process the participant will see the initial parent question. 


If an option that has a linked child field is selected:


The child question will appear:


If the participant selects an option that does not have a child custom field linked, no additional questions will appear. 




All conditional fields will appear in the Participation Report with their own columns.

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