Release week of 31 May 2021

The following features shall be released on the 31 May 2021. Some features have been released to partners testing environments only and are not yet enabled in Production (shall be enabled in a future release).

Enhanced Participant Portal

The new 'Management Access' toggle on the team page within the admin portal which, if enabled, allows Team Organisers, Team Managers and Coaches to manage lineups and statistics within the 'My Teams' tab on the participant portal.

  • Association and Club admins can:

    • Enable and disable management access

    • Run the competition Participation report (for Coaches and Team Managers) and the Team Entries report (for Team Organisers) to view whether management access is ON or OFF.

  • Management access will allow Team Managers and Coaches to:

    • Edit lineups for upcoming games

    • Edit lineups and player stats for upcoming games

    • View only access for finalised games

  • Management access will allow Team Organisers to:

    • Edit lineups for upcoming games

    • View only access for pending and finalised games

Management access is off by default for all existing roles, until changed by an administrator. All new team managers and coaches will be have management access disabled, and team organisers by default will be enabled. 

In upcoming features, Team Managers and Coaches will be able to also enter game and period scores, if given permission.

Additional support material can be found here.


Incident & Suspension Management 

The new incident and suspension management features allow association Admins to log and track behavioural incidents, that occur in a match. 

This first release cut includes 

  • The ability for tenants to create a code of conduct offence list, that associations orgs will inherit 

  • The ability for an Admin to create an incident within a match 

  • Ability to link player to an incident 

  • Ability to link the incident to an offence type 

  • Ability to add an outcome (Guilty / Not Guilty) to an incident 

  • Ability to add a suspension outcome to a player 

  • Ability to view incidents against a player's profile 

  • Ability to view all incidents logged against a match

  • Ability to view all incidents within an association 

The remaining functionality will be released as part of Sprint 31.

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