Release week of 17 May 2021

The following features shall be released on the 17 May 2021, some features have been released to partners testing environments only and are not yet enabled in Production (shall be enabled in a future release).

AFL e-scoring

Within the electronic scoring application, AFL tenant is now able to be selected, and now has the functionality to successfully score an AFL match, this includes:


Recording and displaying

  • Red and Yellow cards (against player, team or coach)

  • Goals, Behinds (against player or team)

  • 9 or 10 point Super Goals (against player or team) if configured within the 'extra scores' grade settings


  • Add players from roster

  • Game clock (start, stop, edit)

  • Event Log (including undo and delete)

  • Game Status (end, forfeit, abandon, reset game)

  • Automatic result publication once a game is finalised

  • Game verification using a device ‘PIN’

  • Supported online or offline

  • Supported on all Multiple device

Does not show (if AFL tenant is selected):

  • Fill-ins

  • Fouls

  • Team foul limits

  • Timeouts

Note Within the Game Day section in the Admin Portal, Team cards are not being displayed against each team when they have been recorded within the electronic scoring application - to be fixed prior to production release.

Additional support material on recording scores can be found here and support material on recording Cards can be found here

Player Life Bans

  • Tenant Admin Body Super Admins will be able to life ban a participant profile

  • Tenant Admin Body Super Admins will be able to overturn a life ban for a participant profile

  • Life banned profiles will no longer be able to register to the sport they have been life banned from

  • Life banned profiles will have admin access to the sport they are life banned in revoked

  • Life banned profiles will have any active registrations to the sport they are life banned in cancelled.

Netball Scores and Stats

Within the netball environment, specific netball scores and stats are now available for administrators and available on the public fixtures, ladder and results page. This includes goals and goal attempts.

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