Administrators are able to select which custom fields are mandatory or optional during the registration process. This will enable an admin to capture the most important questions while giving the participant the option of providing additional information if they choose to, ensuring a better registration experience. 


Making a custom field mandatory 

To make a custom field mandatory, navigate to the custom field tab within the registration settings. 

Select +New on the relevant form type you wish to add the custom field to i.e participant or team. This will navigate you to the new custom field page. 



Under the Type* heading you will see a mandatory checkbox, as a default this field is ticked. 

If you want the field to remain mandatory, leave the box ticked and complete the rest of the required fields, then select Save.



Once the question is saved, the new custom field will appear in the custom fields list with a * next to the question to indicate that the question is mandatory and the participant must provide an answer in order to proceed to the next step of the registration form.


The * will also appear on the registration form so the participant is made aware that this question is mandatory and requires an answer.



Making a custom field Optional

In order to make a custom field optional, untick the mandatory field under the type heading when creating the question. Once you complete the required fields, select Save



The question will appear on the custom fields list without the * displayed. This denotes that the question is optional and will not require an answer in order to proceed to the next step of the registration form.


Can I edit existing custom fields to be mandatory or optional? 

Yes, an admin can edit a question at any time and make it mandatory or optional if they wish to. 

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