Release week of 25 January 2021

In this release we have released the following enhancements to PlayHQ. These features are not yet enabled in Production but available for testing for Sports administrators in your nominated testing environment.

Ladder Updates

Ladder Settings

  • New competition default grade setting and individual grade setting to allow administrators to use the sport default game outcome values ie. 3 points for a win in basketball, 4 points for a win in AFL or to set their own custom game outcome values.

  • Support for this feature can be found here.

Ladder Adjustments

  • Ability for administrators to make For and Against ladder adjustments for regrading or mercy rule purposes.

  • Support for this feature can be found here.


Organisation Overview Updates

Organisation Details

  • Organisations can add an information description 

  • Organisations can add a physical address, latitude and longitude via free text fields ( Address lookup currently unavailable) 

  • Organisations can choose whether they want their location visible/hidden on the map finder (This will not be visible publicly as map finder has not been built as yet) 

  • Organisations can indicate which formats and programs they are currently participating in and offer registration for via check box fields 

  • Organisations can set the gender and age groups they cater to 

  • Organisations can indicate which inclusion options they cater to i.e All abilities 

Support for this feature can be found here.

Organisation Contacts

  • Organisations can add multiple contacts rather than a single primary contact.

  • Organisations can assign a specific position to a contact i.e President, Sectary etc. Positions will be Tenant specific. 

  • Organisations can select whether they want contact information to be displayed or hidden in the participant portal. 

Support for this feature can be found here.


Program transfers

All Super Admins or Administrative Body Admins will now be able to transfer participants from one organisation to another organisation.

  • Admins must be ‘using as’ the Admin Body that they are a Super Admin or Administrative Body of in order to see the ‘transfer’ button.

  • Both the originating organisation and new organisation must be participating in the same season of a shared program.

  • An admin cannot transfer a participant to an organisation that hasn’t set up the registration form for the relevant shared program season.

  • Participants cannot be transferred to a participating organisation if they don’t meet the age restrictions configured on the organisation’s registration form for the relevant shared program season.

  • A program transfer cancels the existing participant record and creates a new participant record in the destination organisation.

  • Registration details and custom fields are copied from the source participation record to the new participation record.

  • Custom fields that are common between the old registration record and the new registration record are kept along with any answers provided by participant for these common questions.

  • Custom fields that are unique to the new organisation are added. Custom fields that are unique to the old organisation are not carried over.

  • The participant’s registration history on will reflect any transfers conducted.

Participants will receive an email when they have been transferred to a new organisation.

  • The email will contain information pertaining to the new organisation and shared program season, in a similar manner as if they have just registered themselves.

A new ‘Source’ column has been added to the program participation report.

  • The column is either populated with ‘Registration’ or ‘Transfer’ indication if the participant registered to the shared program season normally, or was transferred.

Support for this feature can be found here.

Competition transfers

Transfers for Competitions is now available for Association administrators who are creating a competition.

Enabling transfers for a competition will ensure that all player movements between clubs within the competition can be reviewed by the player’s current club, new club and association.

Support for this feature can be found here.


  • Venues page now has pagination component implemented , venue lists greater than 100 will display across multiple pages

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