Release 25th of November 2020

In this release we have released the following enhancements to PlayHQ. These features are not yet enabled in Production but available for testing for Sports administrators in your nominated testing environment.

Program Groups

This sprint we completed the program groups feature

We enabled administrators to “manage” Program groups within the Admin Portal, which included the following functionality :

  • View Preferred Group in participant list

  • Filter by group within the participant list

  • View preferred group in registration history

  • Edit group details

  • Delete group

  • Unallocate participant from group

  • Filter on unallocated participants

We also add the following functionality for registrants:

  • Select their preferred group during registration

  • View preferred group within their registration history

Support for this feature can be found here.

Org Time Zones

We have added the functionality to set a default time zone against each organisation. This will allow date/times captured for the organisation to be consistently stored and displayed.

  • A time zone can be set by a super admin when creating or updating an organisation.

  • All existing organisations have their time zone defaulted to ‘Australia/Melbourne’

Volunteer Registration for Programs

The programs module has been enhanced to allow for the Volunteer role type which is available for both local and shared program types.

Adding the new role type improves the following user actions:

Administrators Setting up a Program

  • Admins can set Volunteer fees for programs

  • Admins body admins can set blank fees for programs (which do not appear on child organisation registration forms, nor do they appear to the registrant during registration) 

  • Admins can assign products to Volunteers

  • Admins can assign custom fields to Volunteers

Participant Registers to a Program

  • Participants can see the Volunteer registration option on the participant portal

  • Participants can register as a Volunteer

  • Participants registering as a Volunteer can enter participant details

  • Participants registering as a Volunteer can answer custom questions

  • Participants registering as a Volunteer can view fees and terms and conditions

  • Participants already registered as a Volunteer can see a record of their registration against their participant profile

Administrators Managing a Program

  • Admins can filter the list of participants in a program season by the Volunteer role type

  • Admins can allocate Volunteers to a shared program group

  • Admins can view a volunteers registration history along with custom questions

  • Admins can cancel volunteer registrations


We have also enhanced the existing Transaction report to include program information and the Orders report will allow Admin Body Admins to view their products purchased by participants registering to their participating organisations.  

Administrators running program-specific reports

  • Transaction report updated to include program information

  • Orders report updated for Admin Body Admins to see their products purchased by participants registering to organisations below them in the hierarchy.

Administrators running competition reports

  • The Competition Participation report to include the additional fields ie. disability, school finder and parent/guardian country of birth.

A new Programs reporting tab has also been created within Reports to allow administrators to run reports specifically on program data. 

  • A NEW Program Participation report for Administrators.

  • Filters for Admin Body Admins to run the Program Participation report.

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