What is a 365-day Membership?

The 365-day membership allows administrative body organisations to reliably capture fees across all of its player constituents to cover things like insurance and facility maintenance.

Who can use a 365-day Membership?

An administrative body organisation can set up a membership. The membership will apply to all organisations beneath it in the organisational hierarchy that is set up in PlayHQ.

How does the 365-day Membership work?

Once a membership has been configured, any player registering to an organisation underneath the administrative body that set up the membership will need to purchase the membership along with any other registration fees presented to them. Note that a membership's fees can be configured by age range (e.g. a 5-10 year old could pay $10 for a membership whilst an 11-15 year old could pay $20 for the same membership).

When a player does not have a membership and purchases one...

Once a membership has been purchased, it covers the player for 365 days. If the registration happens before the season has started, the membership will be active for this time as a "grace period" to ensure they are insured for pre-season activities, or other registrations. When a grace period applies, the end date of the 365-day membership is calculated as the season start date + 365 days. This ensures that players who register as soon as the registration period opens are not disadvantaged by having a membership that expires sooner than those who register later.


When a player already has a membership and does not need to purchase a renewal...

If a player with a membership registers to another season and the end date of that season falls within the membership period, the player will NOT need to purchase a membership renewal when registering.


When a player needs to purchase a membership renewal...

If a player with a membership registers to a season with an end date that falls after the membership expires, the player will need to purchase a membership renewal to ensure they are covered for the complete season. This renewal will extend the membership for 365 days from the end date of their existing membership.


What are the benefits of a 365-day Membership?

It promotes participation

Because a player who has purchased a membership is covered for 365 days, the more a player participates in that time frame, the more value they will receive from their membership. This is especially valuable to players when organisations offer multiple seasons in a calendar year as it provides ample opportunity to play.

It is transparent 

PlayHQ believes that it is important for all impacted organisations and participants to be aware of all fees a participant is subject to pay. The membership fee is displayed on both the PlayHQ Admin Portal registration form configuration pages for impacted organisations, and, of course, to registering players who need to pay the fee. 

It provides a better customer experience 

Because of the way the 365-day membership works in the PlayHQ platform, there is no need to remind participants that they need to purchase it. It will simply appear when it is needed. 

Players are always covered by the membership

When a membership is used, a player will always be covered for insurance purposes when participating - this even includes the pre-season period as a result of the grace period.

Why did PlayHQ build this feature in this way?

In our discovery sessions with various sporting codes, we found that there were many different ways in which this sort of fee / membership was managed. While we will never be able to solve for everything, our aim was to create single robust solution that could cater for as many of the processes we encountered, while trying to alleviate the existing pain points.

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