Release week of 8 February 2021

In this release we have released the following enhancements to PlayHQ. These features are not yet enabled in Production but available for testing for Sports administrators in your nominated testing environment.

Extra Scoring

PlayHQ allows for sports to configure their own scores and statistics and these are applied to all grades inside that sport. 

In addition to their standard scoring, some sports have additional scoring options (ie. super goals, super shots) that are used in certain competitions. By enabling extra scores, the extra scoring option will be available for electronic scoring, game scores and player stats. Note: Extra scores needs to be created by the sporting body to appear in the settings.

The Extra scores feature allows an administrator to:

  • Enable/disable extra scores when creating or editing competition-grade default settings or individual grade settings.

  • Enter extra scores and standard scores on the game day page.

  • Enter extra score stats for the team and players on the game details page.

  • Viewing finalised games on the game centre that have utilised extra scores.

  • Support for this feature can be found here.

Share Program Custom Name Alias

Shared programs names can now be customised by participating organisations provided the owning organisation allows it.

  • Participating organisations will be able to configure custom names for shared programs they participate in. The custom name will be unique to them, and will apply across all seasons of the shared program.

  • Admin bodies who create shared programs are able to toggle the ‘Allow name alias’ setting on and off provided no participating organisations have already set a custom name alias

  • The default setting for this feature will be ‘off’.

  • If a custom name alias has been configured by a participating organisation, all participants and administrators will see the custom name alias in the participant and admin portals when viewing the shared program in the context of the participating organisation.

  • If a custom name alias is changed, the custom name alias will be updated across all closed and active shared programs.

  • There will be no change to shared program reporting as part of these changes.

Notification improvements

  • Users will now be notified if their account has not been verified and provided a link to the support article on how to verify it instead of the previous error message indicated that it was a wrong email or password

  • All automated email notifications to users will now have the following text: “Do not to reply to this email as the inbox is not monitored, please visit for further assistance”

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