Submitting a transfer request

This article is for players who require information about transferring between clubs

What is a transfer request?

A transfer request is a request by a player to register to a new club. Transfers are initiated by a player during registration to their intended new club and require the approval of the player’s current and new club, and their association before the player can complete their registration to their new club.

When is a transfer required?

A transfer request is only required if all of the following conditions are met:

  • A player is registering to a club;

  • The player’s last club registration within the competition being registered to was to a different club; and

  • The competition being registered to has 'Transfers' enabled

If a Transfer is required, during the registration process you will be presented with the following notification:

Select Get Started to initiate the transfer request:


Select Submit Transfer Request to initiate the transfer approval workflow:



Note: Transfer requests are never required for coach or team manager registrations, for non-club social competition registrations, for the first registration within a competition, or for subsequent registrations to the same club within a competition.

What happens after I submit a request?

Transfer requests must be approved by the following organisations in order for the player to register to their new club:

  1. The player’s current club.

  2. The association running the competition that the player is transferring within.

  3. The player’s new club.

Once all of the relevant organisations have approved the transfer request, you will receive the following email to complete your registration. Select the Complete Registration button to successfully register to your new club:


If one of the organisations declines your transfer request, you will receive an email and will be unable to complete your registration to the new club:

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