Overview of transfers

This article is for club and association administrators who are part of competitions that have transfers enabled

What is a transfer request?

A transfer request is a request for a player to register to a new club. Transfers are initiated by a player during registration to their intended new club and require the approval of the player’s current and new club, and their association before the player can complete their registration to their new club.

When is a transfer required?

A transfer request is only required if all of the following conditions are met:

  • A player is registering to a club;

  • The player’s last club registration within the competition being registered to was to a different club; and

  • The competition being registered to has transfers enabled

Transfer requests are never required for coach or team manager registrations, for independent (non-club) registrations, for the first registration within a competition, for subsequent registrations to the same club within a competition, for registrations to a different competition run by the same association, or for registrations to a different association.

Who approves a transfer request?

Transfer requests must be approved by the following organisations in order for the player to register to their new club:

  1. The player’s current club.

  2. The association running the competition that the player is transferring within.

  3. The player’s new club.

Notification of Transfer Requests

To receive player transfer notifications that require your club or association's approval, your organisation must enable transfer notifications.

Navigate to the Settings tab within the Transfers section and select the toggle to be active.

Populate the email address to which you want notifications to be sent:


Approve or decline a transfer request

To approve or decline a transfer request, navigate to your organisation’s Transfers request list and Select ‘View’ next to the transfer requiring your organisation’s approval:


Review the request and select ‘Approve’ to approve the request, or ‘Decline’ to decline the request. If you decline the request, you will need to enter a reason.

When finished, select ‘Done’ to close the request and return to your organisation’s transfer list:



What happens if I approve a request?

When a request is approved, the request is forwarded to the next approving organisation for approval. If your organisation is the last approving organisation, the player will receive an automatic email with a unique link to complete their registration to your club.

Approval workflow:


Email to the organisation who is next in line to approve:


Email to the participant when all approvals are complete:


What happens if I decline a transfer request?

When a request is declined, the player will receive an automated email and will be unable to complete their registration to the new club:


Can my requests be auto-approved?

Organisations have the ability to indicate whether transfer requests assigned to them for approval are automatically approved by the system.

To configure this:

  • Navigate to the Settings tab within the Transfers section
  • Select the toggle(s) for each transfer direction you wish to activate auto-approval for
  • Select Update & Save


Can I set time limits for transfer requests within my competition?

Admins of competitions are able to set time limits for organisations to respond to a transfer request. If they don't action the request in time, the request is auto-approved to prevent participants from being held up.

Within a Global Transfer setting (AFL), these time limits are hard-coded, and only changed by a request to PlayHQ .

Within a Local Transfers setting (BV), these are configured when creating a new competition.

If transfers are toggled on whilst creating a new competition, select time-out limit for each organisation within the transfer approval flow.

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