This article describes how to configure a season in the PlayHQ admin portal.

A competition must have one or more seasons configured. Participants register for each appropriate season and are allocated to their team/s. Teams are allocated to grades, a fixture created, and games played across the season.


Create a season

Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition tile, and select the Add Season button. Complete the setup form, selecting the Season name, the Start and End dates of the season, entering any season wide Exception dates, select the Venues to be used, and finally the season's Visibility.

Use the image and table below to assist in completing the set up of a Season:


# Section Description
1 Season name Season names are configured by the sports governing body. Select the appropriate season name from the dropdown list. In any given competition, only one season can be named the same. However, different competitions can each have a season named the same. For example, A Junior Domestic competition, and a Senior Domestic competition can each have a 'Summer 2020/21' season.
2 Season dates Select the season Start and End dates. These dates will be visible to participants when they register. Note: The season start date is used in certain circumstances if a new Membership needs to be purchased by a player. Set the season start date as accurately as possible before participants begin to register.
3 Exception dates Enter the From and To dates and provide a brief Reason for any exception dates that apply across grades in the season. The PlayHQ fixture generation engine will not schedule games to be played on any exception dates selected as applying for a given grade.
4 Select venues Search for and select all venues that will be used for this season. Venues are configured by the sports governing body. The Selecting the venues used in a season article contains further instructions.
5 Season visibility Choose whether the Season is visible or hidden on your organisation's PlayHQ public Discover site - 


Select Create Season, to finalise the set up of the season.


If you need to Edit, or Delete a Season, follow the steps below:

Edit a season

You can update the season details at any time by selecting the relevant Competition tile and Season tile, and then select the Settings tab, and ensure you are viewing the General sub-tab.


Update the information you would like to change, and then select Update & Save.


Delete a season

You can delete a season by selecting the relevant Competition tile and Season tile, and then selecting the Settings tab. From the General sub-tab, select Delete season.


Note: Delete season will be disabled is the Season contains one or more grades, teams, and/or a registration form has been configured. 

Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete season, or click Cancel to return to the previous page without deleting the season.


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