Viewing and filtering a list of a season's grades

Once you've selected a Season from an organisation's list of Competitions and Seasons, you will see the Grades that the Association/League has made publicly available. You can select the appropriate grade to progress to then view the grade's fixture, ladder, and results:


The following details display for a Grade:

  • Grade name – the name of the Grade. This will very often contain the day of the week, gender, age group, and division.
  • Day of the week – the day of the week that the Grade takes place on.
  • Gender – the gender of the Grade.
  • Age Group – the age group of the Grade.

If a Season has a lot of Grades, you may want to use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down the list by day, gender, or age group. You can select reset at any time to set the filters back and display all Grades.



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