Advancing teams into later round finals games

After assigning teams into finals, as game results/outcomes are entered for these games, the winning and losing teams will automatically be assigned to future games or eliminated based on the format of the finals selected. 

The example screen images below display how teams advance through to a grand final:

  • Pre-Assigned Finals View
  • Assigned Teams in Finals View
  • Teams advancing to the Grand Final

The example provided below uses a '3 Team / 3 Round - Tiered' finals format where the top 2 teams playoff in the round 1 qualifying final. The winner goes straight into the grand final, whilst the loser plays the third positioned team in round 2, with the winner of that game progressing to the grand final - {1v2}, {L1v3}, {W1vW2}.


Pre-Assigned Finals View

This example displays the finals fixture before the finals teams are assigned from the grade's regular season, with the teams currently populated by ladder position placeholders:

Assigned Teams in Finals View

This example displays teams after they have been assigned to finals games.  

Advancing Teams to the Grand Final

In the example below, the finals games have been completed and the scores entered. The winner and losers of the rounds have progressed to the appropriate next game or have been eliminated. To make any overriding changes, proceed to Update Scores and Stats.

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