View Games in Game Day

The Game Day section provides a pathway for managing all aspects of games on a given day of the season. Note: Grade's must have a fixture.

If you are searching for games on a different day, use the Calendar icon to select the relevant date. 

The corresponding games and their status should then appear, ordered by the Grade name. Use the following screen image and table to understand this view:

# Section Description
1 Calendar day selector Click to select/enter the date of games (the Game Day) you wish to access.
2 Grades filter Set to display games for all grades (the default setting), or select an individual grade.
3 Column titles

Checkbox - select to then generate scoresheet (if used).

Time - the game start time.

Venue/Playing surface (court/field) - abbreviated detail is shown.

Home - the name of the home team.

Score - Enter the game score here if required, or view the end of game score received from electronic scoring.

Away - the name of the away team.

Grade - The competition and grade name.

Game ID - a unique game identifier used by the system.

'Details' button - select to access a detailed game page.

4 Game status Refer to Understanding game statuses for details.
5 Generate scoresheets If a printed scoresheet is required for one or more games, select the game/s tickbox and then select the 'Generate scoresheet' button.
6 Scores Enter and save scores if using printed scoresheets. View end of game scores received by the system if using electronic scoring. The system will determine the team's win/loss/draw outcome.
7 Game Details Select the 'Details' button to arrive on a detailed page for the given game.


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