Managing your organisation's public visibility setting

Managing an organisation's public visibility setting controls whether or not the public can view the organisation on the PlayHQ Discover page.

To manage the organisation's visibility:

  1. Ensure you have 'Super Administrator' access permission (applied to a limited number of administrators from your sport's governing body)
  2. Ensure you are viewing the tenant (sport's governing body) organisation

If you do meet the criteria above, select Settings and then Organisations. Locate the organisation that you wish to change the visibility setting of, and View the organisation. You will then be able to set and confirm the visibility setting. Any change made to the visibility setting is immediately enacted.

If you do not have 'Super Administrator' access, please contact your parent organisation, sports governing body, or the PlayHQ Support team via the Start a Conversation link.

It's important to note that by changing the visibility setting of an organisation will result in a cascading visibility effect, meaning that if you change an organisation to 'Hidden', it will also hide the visibility of all underlying items (competitions/programs/registration forms). However, if an organisation is set to 'Visible' any underlying items (competitions/seasons/grades, programs, registration forms) that have been set to 'Hidden' will not be publically viewable. An organisation's administrator can set the visibility of underlying items.

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