Managing a season's public visibility setting

Managing a season's public visibility setting controls whether or not the public can view the season on the organisation's public-facing PlayHQ Discover page, very similar to competition visibility.

Setting a season as 'Hidden' allows an administrator to configure the season and its respective grades, without allowing a member of the public to navigate to view grades that have been set to 'Visible'. Setting a season to 'Hidden' will hide the pathway to any of its grades, fixtures/ladders/results, and the public display of registration options.

Please note: If participants have a registration link provided to them, they may still be able to register (depending on the registration period set by an administrator).

Set the visibility of a Season

To configure the visibility setting of a season, select Competition Management, and then the Season, and then the Settings tab, and set and update the appropriate 'Visibility' setting. You can return at any time to update the setting.

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