Managing a ladder's public visibility setting

Managing a ladder's public visibility setting controls whether or not the public can view the ladder on the public-facing PlayHQ Discover page and which columns will display. 

Similar to competition visibility, season visibility, and grade visibility, the ladder can be hidden from public view. The ladder for each grade of competition will continue to be calculated and viewable in the administrative portal and administrators can apply ladder adjustments as deemed appropriate.

If an administrator selects to hide a grade's ladder from public view, members of the public presented with the following when attempting to view the grade's ladder:

Note: Ladders are not visible or accessible to the public if a grade, season, or competition is set as 'Hidden'.

Configure the visibility setting of a Ladder

To configure the visibility of a ladder, select Competition Management, the relevant competition,  and then season, and from the grades listing section, select the grade that the ladder visibility setting is to be configured. The ladder visibility is accessed via the Ladder sub-tab of the Settings tab. Confirm the appropriate visibility setting. You can return to reset this at any time.

Configure the visibility of columns

When you are creating competition or grade in PlayHQ , you will see a new option labeled “Custom“ under the “Ladder Columns View” heading


Once the custom option is selected , all the available ladder columns will be visible . These are split into 2 categories basic and advanced columns

( n.b : these options are custom to each sport on PlayHQ , the below example is from the AFL )


Unselect any columns that you want hidden on the Participant Portal and Public Sites and create the competition / grade


When you navigate to the PlayHQ public site you will see that the columns are now hidden
Editing Ladder Column visibility.

Should you wish to make a column visible that was previously hidden , Navigate to the Game Tab in the competition / grade settings area. Select the columns and update & save.



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