Moving a team or teams between grades (Regrade)

Move teams between grades that have a fixture using the Regrade teams 'Move' or 'Swap' function. Before proceeding, ensure you understand the repercussions detailed in the impact of regrading on a grade's fixture and the impact of regrading on a grade's ladder.

To get started, select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition and Season tile, and then view the Grades tab, and select the 'Regrade teams' button:


Select the group of grades (day, gender, age group) you would like to regrade from the drop-down list:

You'll be presented with a list of grade/s that meet the above selection. This is now the 'regrade session'.


Moving Teams

Once you've selected the group to regrade, click the ‘Move team’ option for the team you wish to regrade:


You will notice a change to the view of all visible grade/s which will now make available the option to move the team direct to a grade you choose. You can also 'unallocate' the team if the team is withdrawing from the season or you wish to regrade a team to another days' grade or another age group. Use the following screen image and table for assistance:


# Item Description
1 The team you have selected to move Select the team that you wish to move (regrade). Select 'Cancel' if you select the incorrect team.
2 Unallocate team Select the yellow 'Unallocate team' box if you wish to move the team to be unallocated. Use this if you need to regrade the team to another grade on a different day, gender, or age group. 
3 Move to grade Select the relevant grade's yellow 'Move team to grade' box, to add the team to the grade (Note: use a team's 'swap' button to swap grades directly with the team you select).
4 Swap Select a team's 'Swap' button to directly swap grades with the selected team.


Repeat for each team you wish to regrade for the grades that are available, then confirm your change/s to the teams listed for the grade/s by clicking the 'Update Changes' button.


Note: A record of all regrading changes will be saved in the Regrade History of each changed grade. This allows you to review the regrade changes made to a grade during the season.

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