You can edit regular season games that have not been finalised. Limited editing only is available if the game has been finalised. This article covers the steps to make edits to regular season games. It also covers deleting a game.


Editing a regular season game that has not been finalised

Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition and Season tile, and then select the Grades tab. Select the View Fixture button for the appropriate grade. Select the relevant game's  '3 dots ellipse' to reveal the Edit Game Details menu item: 





You'll arrive on the Edit game page. Use the screenshot and table below to add the game:


# Section Item Description
1 Game details Pool Note: Only shows for a Grade configured with 'Pools'. Select the Pool to add a game.
Home team Select the home team for your new game from the list of teams that are currently allocated to the grade/pool.
'Team swap' Select the team swap icon to switch the home and away teams for the game.
Away team Select the away team for your new game from the list of teams that are currently allocated to the grade/pool.
Round Select a round from those that were created when you generated your fixture.
Game alias Enter an optional 'game alias' if you would like an alternative name for the game to display in the fixture.
2 Allocation Venue Select a venue from the full list of venues in the system. This is the venue that this game will be played at.
Playing surface (Court/field) Selecting a venue enables the appropriate list of playing surfaces (court/field). Select from the list of available surfaces at the selected venue.
Date Enter the date of the new game. The selected date can fall on an exception date, however, you will be reminded on the form if you do select an exception date.
Start time, End time Enter a start time for the new game. The game's end time will automatically populate based on the total game duration that is set for the grade in the grade's settings.
Note that the minutes in the start time can only be entered in 5-minute increments (e.g. you cannot set the start time to 5:43 but either 5:40 or 5:45 is valid).
3   Delete game Select to remove the game from the fixture.


Refer to the Adding a regular season game article to add a game to a fixture.


Editing a finalised regular season game

Once a regular season game has been finalised, you may still choose to edit the game, but you will only be able to edit the allocation information. The game details section will appear as read only.

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