Generate an Advanced Fixture Report

The Advanced Fixture Report generates a report of all games that have been fixtured within a competition season.  To generate an Advanced Fixture report, select Reports, then the Competitions tab, and then the Advanced fixture report. Select the relevant CompetitionSeason, and Grade (or all Grades), then and click the Generate button:

Note: Administration Body Administrators (ie. at State or Region level) will be able to select from an organisation option to view all organisations that they have access to.

The Report will be generated, and a success message at the bottom of the page will indicate that report is ready to be downloaded:

Go to the Generated Reports tab to view and access the list of generated reports. Click the Download button to download the report in .csv format:

The Advanced fixture report will include detailed information about each game, with each game listed as a separate row, with the following details displayed as columns:

  • Game Date
  • Grade
  • Round
  • Team A
  • Team A Score
  • Team A Result
  • Team B
  • Team B Score
  • Team B Result
  • Bye
  • Game Status
  • Venue
  • Court
  • Time
  • Game Code
  • Game Alias
  • Organisation
  • Competition
  • Competition Type
  • Season


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