Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators, Participants
Application(s): Participant Portal > Registration

This article will cover the following:

  1. Valid payment methods.
  2. Instalments.

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PlayHQ utilises the online payment gateway providers 'Stripe' and 'Hyperwallet' who are leaders in providing online payment collection services around the world. All payments are secured to the highest industry standard.


Valid payment methods

PlayHQ accepts online payments made by the following methods:

1. Standard credit/debit card
2. Mastercard click-to-pay
3. PayPal Pay-In-4
4. Apple Pay and Google Pay

All payments you make during the team and/or participant registration will display as being made to 'PlayHQ' on your credit card or bank statement with the payment system automatically depositing money to the organisations that have charged for the services provided to you (the club, association, state or national sporting organisations).

Standard Debit/Credit Card


For standard credit and debit card payments, we accept all cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

If you do not own a valid credit or debit card

If you do not currently own, or have access to, a valid credit or debit card, you can purchase a valid debit card (commonly known as EFTPOS, VISA, or MasterCard Debit Gift Cards) and pre-load the card using cash at various retail outlets including Woolworths, Coles, and Australia Post Offices.


Mastercard Click To Pay

Mastercard Click To Pay.png

Mastercard click-to-pay is now available, making it easier to register and pay.


PayPal Pay-In-4


Participants will now have the choice to pay in instalments using PayPal “Pay in 4” option. This option not only eases the financial burden of paying fees upfront, but also ensures that clubs and leagues receive their full fees upfront, removing the current risk of non-payment.

This information is for Club Admins only

Clubs and leagues will receive the full registration fee from PayPal via a disbursement. It will not be split over multiple disbursements.

PayPal and Pay-in-4 payments are distributed separately and only on a monthly basis. All other form of payments will continue to be disbursed at their usual frequency. The PlayHQ finance reports will be updated to clearly display PayPal transactions and disbursements.


Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Google Pay.png

Apple Pay and Google Pay are included in the click-to-pay suite.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ's about PlayHQ's payment options.

Are Service Fees common?
Service fees are a common part of transacting online and can be seen when purchasing airline tickets or buying a coffee. Service fees are now common across a range of purchases, whereas previously many retailers absorbed these fees or included them in the cost of a product.
Why isn’t the Service Fee included in the total fee for participants?
The Service Fee could have been included in the total fee a participant pays when they register, but this would push the cost to clubs to absorb or to adjust their fees upwards to cover the cost. It is a more equitable approach to have all users contribute to the development of the platform by having all participants pay the Service Fee.
What do I do if I don’t have a credit card or debit card?
For parents or participants without access to a credit or debit card we would hope the community environment surrounding each community club is able to help parents to register their child or themselves. Where a community club is unable to assist parents or participants without a credit or debit card to register their child, the Club Coordinator should contact their AFL or State body employee or league to assist with the payment process.
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