PlayHQ utilises the online payment gateway provider 'Stripe' who are leaders in providing online payment collection services around the world. All payments are secured to the highest industry standard. Head to their website for more information.


Valid payment methods

PlayHQ accepts online payments made by the following methods:

  1. Credit card: VISA, MasterCard, American Express
  2. Debit card: VISA and MasterCard

All payments you make during the team and/or participant registration will display as being made to 'PlayHQ' on your credit card or bank statement with the payment system automatically depositing money to the organisations that have charged for the services provided to you (the club, association, state or national sporting organisations).


If you do not own a valid credit or debit card

If you do not currently own, or have access to, a valid credit or debit card, you can purchase a valid debit card (commonly known as EFTPOS, VISA, or MasterCard Debit Gift Cards) and pre-load the card using cash at various retail outlets including Woolworths, Coles, and Australia Post Offices.

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