Recording team free throws and field goals using electronic scoring

This article describes how to record free throws and field goals directly against a team in the PlayHQ electronic scoring application.

These features are useful for games run by associations that do not require players to be selected in a game, or in the rare instance a player who has scored cannot be identified.


Recording a free throw or field goal

To record a team free throw or field goal, select the team name:

Then select the appropriate score:


The following table describes the correct score to apply based on the game scenario:

Scenario Score
The player makes a free throw from the free-throw line 1
The player makes a field goal on or within the three-point line 2
The player makes a field goal beyond the three-point line 3


After the score is recorded, the team's point total will increase by the score amount and a confirmation message will be displayed:

Congratulations! You've just successfully recorded a score against a team.



Team free throws and field goals can also be recorded by first selecting the score, then selecting the team name.

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