Private Profile settings for Participants

The PlayHQ Account holder can set the 'Privacy Setting' for their own participants' profile and/or that of their children/dependants. This setting controls whether the first and last name appears, or is hidden from public display on game centres or on any public-facing PlayHQ webpage. Administrators are always able to view the name and other details of registered participants.

Controlling the Privacy Setting of a participant registered to your account

The PlayHQ Account holder will need to login to their PlayHQ Profile Account by selecting the 'Log in' button on any PlayHQ webpage:


Once you have logged in, you will initially be viewing the Profile of the account holder:

You can elect to 'Change user' to switch the view to one of the child/dependants who have been registered using this account (if any have been registered in this way).

From the relevant participant's 'Profile' tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Edit' to toggle the Privacy Settings to be either 'Public' or 'Private'. Your selection is immediately enacted in the PlayHQ platform. Use the screen image and table below to help make the appropriate decision:


Privacy Setting Description
Public Display my name on all game statistics for clubs & associations websites.
Private Hide my name on all game statistics for club & association websites. If I am a player, my playing number is hidden also. Administrators will always be able to view your details.


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