Viewing a game's Game Centre

Each game has a Game Centre that displays the captured statistics from a game result.  A Game Centre can be accessed by selecting the arrowhead for a game from the grade's fixture:


The following screenshot displays an example Game Centre:


Note: Player names have been hidden in the above screen image.

# Section Description
1 Game details The Home and Away Team names and logo. If the game has a Final Status, the team scores will display with the winning team in bold.
2 Game status Each game has a game status. This article provides details of the game statuses that may be displayed.
3 Time, Date, Venue and court, and competition and season display

The time and date that the game is to be/was played are displayed. 

The venue and court are displayed together with a link to Google Maps.

The competition and season are also displayed here.

4 Playing #, Player name and any recorded Fouls and Points

Playing # is displayed.

The player's name displays in line with their playing # (see next section for exceptions).

The player's total recorded fouls and total points are displayed on the initial (default) view. To view the breakdown of points that each player scored into one, two and three-pointers, select the 'Show advanced stats' toggle.

5 Player / Fill-in

If a participant or dependant has decided to make their Privacy setting ''Private'' their player number and name will not be displayed on game centres.

A participant who has been added to the game as a 'Fill-in', will display with the name 'Fill-in'. Fill-In player numbers will display on game centres.

In both situations, the recorded player names are only available to authorised Administrators.

6 Show advanced stats toggle To view the breakdown of points that each player scored into one, two and three-pointers, select the Show advanced stats toggle.
7 Return to the grade's fixture Select to return to the grade's fixture.


For games that have an Upcoming or Pending status, the player line ups and statistics will not display:




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