Release the week of 26th of February 2020

Participant Custom Fields

We’ve expanded Participant Custom Fields functionality by adding the ability to:

  • Edit Participant Custom Field values in the admin portal

  • Report on Participant Custom Fields via the Participation Report (released early last week)

Team Custom Fields

We have introduced Team Custom fields with the following capabilities:

  • Add / View / Edit / Delete / Reorder Team Custom Fields (Associations and Clubs)

  • Complete Custom Fields when completing the 'Team to Season' registration form

  • Complete Custom Fields when creating a team in the Admin Portal (Associations and Clubs)

  • View and Edit Team Custom Fields in the Admin Portal - on the Team Registration page (Associations and Clubs). Team Registration page for Clubs was created as part of this story

  • Limit the number of Custom Fields per organisation (up to 50 Team Custom Fields and up to 50 Participant Custom fields)

  • Report on Team Custom Fields via Team Entries report

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