Once a grade's fixture has been generated, you can allocate games to venues and playing surfaces (courts/fields) and specify game times in four ways:

This article covers Allocating a game using the Calendar View to assign a game to a venue, playing surface (court/field), and time.


Allocate a game using the Calendar View

From the menu, click Competition Management > select the Competition > select the Season >  Allocations tab > Games sub-tab.

The months in which games are fixtured will display. Expand a month to view the game allocations for that month. Use the screen image and table below to assist in understanding this view:


# Section Description
1 Games sub-tab The Games sub-tab is the default view of the Allocations tab. The Game Slots sub-tab is generally used for domestic type competitions and is used to quickly assign game times and venues across the entire season.
2 The warning icon highlights that there are game clashes within the month.
Tip: Expand the month to view which dates have clashing games - the clash icon (!) will display next to those dates and games.
3 Minimised month Only months with games fixtured will display expanded.    
4 All games allocated The date is highlighted green to indicate that all the games have been allocated (no game clashes).
5 Games need allocating The date remains white with 'x games need allocating' text displayed to indicate that there are still games that require allocation.


Select the relevant 'View' button for a given date to open the Calendar view of game allocation for that day. Use the following screen image and table to assist to understand this view:Screen_Shot_2020-11-15_at_10.47.26_am.png

# Section Description
1 Calendar view tab This is the default view of game allocation.
2 Allocated games Each block represents an allocated game. Green confirms no game clash. Red warns that the games are in a clashed state. If blue - shows that there is an unsaved change. Save to confirm changes.
3 Unallocated games Games initially appear as unallocated and blue. Click, drag, and drop to allocate to a playing surface and time.


Allocating games

To allocate an unallocated game or game slot, find the game you wish to allocate in the Unallocated game area, then drag the game...

...and drop the game onto the calendar at the correct playing surface/time:

Once allocated, games are displayed as one of the following colours:

  • Blue: The game has been allocated but the allocation has not been saved.
  • Green: The game has been allocated and saved.
  • Red: The game allocation clashes with another game allocation.


Allocating games that don't require a full playing surface

Certain grades may only require a portion of the court (such as junior competitions and some alternative game formats). Competition settings and grade settings can have a Court Percentage Allocation to allow for this.

Select any game to view its court percentage allocation.


Multiple games (with a percentage less than 100%) can be added to the same calendar slot, as long as the total court percentage required is not greater than 100%. 

Games that exceed the available court space will appear in red. These allocations can still be saved. A clash icon will display in the Allocations > Game Tab when this occurs.


Saving allocations

To save unsaved (blue) allocations, select Update changes, or select Cancel to undo any changes:

Once saved, all game allocations will display green:

Moving allocations

To move an allocation, simply drag the game allocation...

...and drop on another playing surface and/or time:

If your competition has many playing surfaces *courts/fields) and the playing surface you wish to allocate the game to is not displayed, use the right arrow to navigate to the required playing surface then drag the game onto the calendar.


Unallocating games

To unallocate a game, select the game then select Unallocate:

After the game is unallocated it will appear in the Unallocated game area:

If your unallocated game does not appear in the unallocated game area, check your age and gender filters (see below 'Filtering the unallocated game list').


Filtering the unallocated game list

The unallocated game list can be filtered by age and gender to find specific games that require allocation.

To filter the unallocated game list, select either the Age or Gender drop-down list then select the appropriate option:

The unallocated game list will be filtered by the selected Age or Gender:


Filtering the calendar by venue and playing surface

The allocation calendar can be filtered to display all or a subset of the venues and playing surfaces associated with your season.

To filter the venues and playing surfaces displayed, select the Filter option:

Then select the playing surfaces you wish to view, and then select Done:

The allocation calendar will display only the selected playing surfaces:


Displaying a large number of playing surfaces

The allocation calendar supports the display of a large number of playing surfaces for users with high-resolution displays and multiple monitors.

If you're using a high-resolution display, the calendar will automatically show additional playing surfaces based on your display resolution.

If you're using multiple monitors, stretch your web browser's allocation calendar over both monitors to significantly increase the number of playing surfaces displayed.

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