Game allocations using the fixture upload feature

The Fixture Upload feature allows organisations to create, update, or extend a fixture by uploading a file in the system.  Fixture Upload offers a flexible solution to generate a fixture, regrade teams, and allocate games.  An additional benefit is that rounds can also be added or removed for fixtured grades. Use of the Fixture Upload feature is intended for the more advanced administrator who has an unusual/highly specific need to configure fixtures for a given competition season. If in any doubt, please discuss your need with your sports support team before using it.

Note: The Fixture upload feature is disabled for Tournament style competitions due to the added complexity of this style of play. Additionally, if you use the fixture upload feature, the PlayHQ Regrade wizard will be disabled for the corresponding competition season. Regrading is then accomplished via the fixture upload.

Along with fixturing a grade with the fixture upload feature, you can also allocate games to a venue, court, and specify game times.

More information on using the fixture upload can be found:

Adding game details to a fixture

Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition and Season tile, and then the Settings tab, and finally the Fixturing sub-tab.

Once two or more teams are allocated to a season and at least one grade exists, the 'Add Custom Fixture' button will be enabled:

Ensure that you understand generating a fixture via the fixture upload, then continue with the following steps. 

Fill in the template with the fixture details, 

In the file for the following example for Round 13, the Bulls vs Magic game details are being updated whilst for the other two games, the game details have only partially been completed:


Select the 'Add Custom Fixture' button, then the 'Upload CSV' button to select your fixture template file, and finally Upload:

When a fixture file is uploaded, the information is validated to ensure it has the correct formatting. The information in the file is also validated against the data that exists in the system. If information is incorrect an error message(s) will be produced.

In the above file, in cells I2 and I4, the venue name and court did not match the venue that was associated with the season.  In addition Row 2 and Row 4's game allocation details were only partially completed.  Therefore as part of the validation, the system will display errors and they should be corrected and the file uploaded again. 


The file can then be updated and then attempted to be uploaded again.  In the file below, only one game is having game allocation details completed.


The file should be updated and then attempted to be uploaded again.  If there are no error messages a green success message will appear at the top of the screen:

Upon successful upload with no errors detected, a green banner will appear displaying the file is now ready to be uploaded.

Select the 'Generate Fixture' button to complete the process.

Once the fixture is generated, you will be taken back to the grade list.

Selecting the 'View Fixture' button for the Monday U15 Boys B grade will show that the Bulls vs Magic game details have been updated to reflect the detail supplied in the upload fixture file. The other two games remain in the TBC status for allocation:


When you view the allocations and calendar list for this grade, the Bulls vs Magic game is allocated but the remaining two games in the grade are unallocated.


In the Allocation List view, the Bulls vs Magic game is allocated but the remaining two games in the grade are unallocated:


However, game slots are disabled if the fixture upload fixture has been used to complete a fixture:

Note: The grade's public PlayHQ fixture page will reflect any changes for the grade..




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