Releases week of 18th September 2019

The following are functional, user interface, and user experience improvements deployed within the PlayHQ platform on September 18, 2019:



  • Fees will now be displayed with the organisation that is charging the fee throughout the process on public-facing registration forms.
  • Applied vouchers will now be displayed with the organisation's name that’s offering the voucher.
  • Vouchers from multiple organisations can now be applied (maximum of one voucher per organisation).
  • Spaces at the beginning and end of names are removed

Administrator’s Area / Backend

  • The Venue report now available from the reports section.
  • The Team contacts report is now available - accessed from within a team.
  • Regrading history is now available from a grade’s settings.
  • The ability of the ladder to only include results attained in that grade after regrading.
  • The Results page of a game can now be accessed from the grade’s fixture.


  • Team organisers can now access the player to team registration URL in the registration history section of their profile.
  • Error prevention and validation added throughout the system.
  • Several minor aesthetic and usability enhancements throughout the system.
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