Inviting an administrator to your organisation

PlayHQ Administrators have access to the Administration Portal to manage administrative functions in their organisation(s). Existing administrators can invite additional organisation administrators.

Invite an administrator

To invite an administrator:

  1. From the menu, click My Organisation > Admins.

  2. Click the 'Invite new admin' button.

  3. Enter the Admin Details for the administrator you are inviting.invite.admin.6.png

    Field Description
    First Name First name of the invited administrator
    Last Name Last name of the invited administrator

    Email address of the invited administrator. An invitation will be sent to this email address and it will also be used as the username to log in.

    This email address should not be a generic address that is used by multiple people

    Mobile number The administrator's mobile phone number.
    Role type

    PlayHQ has a range of role types available with varying degrees of access. Learn more about Administrator Role Types.

      • Super Admin is the highest level of administrator who can access all functionality and organisations. They are only available to the governing body.
      • Administrative Body Admin generally works at the state or region (metro, country, regional) organisation level and can only access their own organisation and child organisations.
      • Full Access Admin is generally an Association or League administrator who can only view their own organisation.
      • Affiliate Admin is an association admin who can access their organisation and child club organisations.
      • Club Admin can only access their own club organisation.
      • Electronic Scoring Admin only has permission to access the PlayHQ electronic scoring portal.
  4. Click Invite Admin. An invite will be sent.  
    The invitation is valid for seven days before the status is marked as "Expired", and the email invitation will no longer work. You can resend an invite to the same email address.


    The administrator details will appear on the Active Users tab.invite.admin.9.png

For more information on accepting an invite, please see PlayHQ Admin Portal Access.

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