Inviting an administrator to your organisation

This article describes the process of inviting new administrators to your organisation in the PlayHQ Admin Portal.

You must be an authorised administrator who has access to your organisation in the PlayHQ Admin Portal in order to invite other administrators.


Invite an administrator

Navigate to the My Organisation menu and select the Admins sub-menu. You will arrive on the Active Users tab. From there, select the 'Invited new admin' button to begin:


On the resulting page, you'll be prompted to enter the details of the administrator you are inviting and select their level of access. Use the following screen image and table for assistance:



# Section Description
1 First and Last name Enter the first and last name of the new administrator
2 Email Enter the email address of the administrator's PlayHQ Profile Account (if they have this already set up) or the email address that the new administrator would like to use. An invitation will be sent to the email address provided. This will also be used as the admin's username to login to the PlayHQ Admin Portal. Note: The email address should not be a generic address that is used by multiple people. Ideally, it should be the administrator's personal email address.
3 Mobile number Enter the administrator's mobile phone number.
4 Role type

PlayHQ has a range of role types available with varying degrees of access. 

    • Super Admin is the highest level of administrator who can access all functionality and organisations and is generally working for the governing body.
    • Administrative Body Admin generally works at the state or region (metro, country, regional) organisation level and can only access their own organisation and child organisations (They are unable to create Organisations or Venues.)
    • Full Access Admin is generally an Association or League administrator who can only view their own organisation.
    • Club Admin can only access their own club organisation.
    • Electronic Scoring Admin only has permission to access the PlayHQ electronic scoring portal.
5 Invite admin

An invite will be sent to the invitee once you save the invite form by selecting the 'Invite admin' button. Their details will appear on the Active Users tab. 

Note: The invitation is valid for 7 days before the status is marked as "expired", and their email invitation will no longer be valid. You can however always re-invite an admin again if the invite expires. 

For more information on how to accept an invite, please see the PlayHQ Admin Portal Access article.

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