Search for and view program participants

This article describes how to search for and view details of participants registered to a program season.


Once a participant completes their program registration, they are immediately viewable to the organisation they registered to in the PlayHQ admin portal. There are two ways that participants can be searched in the PlayHQ admin portal:

  • Via a Participants search
  • Via the appropriate program season participant list

Searching for a participant

To search for a participant that has registered to a competition and/or program at your organisation, navigate to the Participants menu item, type the participant's First Name, Last Name, Email or Mobile then select Search:

Select View to view the participant's registration and profile details:

Viewing a season's participant list

To view a list of participants that have registered to a program season at your organisation, navigate to the Programs area, select a program and season then select the Participants tab:

Select View to view a participant's registration and profile details.

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