Generate a Government Vouchers report


The Government Vouchers Report generates a report of all the government vouchers that have been applied against the organisation's registration fees in the organisation hierarchy.   The information in this report can be used to redeem the vouchers on the relevant government portal.

To generate a Government Vouchers Report, select Reports, then the Financial tab, and then the Government Vouchers Report. Select the relevant Dates to run the report, and then click the Generate button:

Note: All organisations in the hierarchy will be able to see the government vouchers applied. 

Select Export to CSV to complete the process. The report will generate information based on the following fields:

  • Game Date
  • Child first name
  • Child surname
  • Order Number 
  • Organisation Registering To 
  • Child Gender 
  • Child Date of Birth 
  • Child Suburb 
  • Child Postcode
  • Medicare Number 
  • Parent/Guardian 1 First Name 
  • Parent/Guardian 1 Last Name 
  • Parent/Guardian Mobile Number 
  • Parent/Guardian Email Address
  • Competition 
  • Season 
  • Fee or Product Name
  • Government Voucher Name 
  • Government Voucher Amount 
  • Government Voucher Amount Applied 
  • Government Voucher Number 
  • Used a voucher this calendar year?
  • Member prior to using voucher?
  • Integrated Voucher Status
  •  Integrated Voucher Redemption Date
  • Integrated Voucher Code
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