Release week of the 21st of September 2020

In this release (release delivered on the 23rd of September) we have released the following enhancements to PlayHQ.

Not yet enabled in Production but available for testing for Sports administrators in your nominated testing environment.


The focus of this release is the ability to Create a Shared or Local program. The following has been delivered:

Local Programs

  • Update and view local programs, 'my organisation' created.

  • Create and update a local program season, so that participants can register for the season.

  • View the Seasons list in a Local program.

  • Set up a local program season registration form.

  • Create custom fields for a local program season registration form.

Shared Programs

  • Create a shared program.

  • Create a season within a shared program.

  • View a list of shared program seasons.

In the upcoming release (6th of October) we will continue to enable the 'management' of Programs and Program Seasons and shall focus on:

Programs  - Local

  • Update a local program season participant registration form.

  • Update a local program season custom field.

  • View registration details at a glance.

Programs  - Shared

  • View a list of shared programs.

  • View a list of child organisations in a shared program season.

  • Update a shared program.

  • Easily view a large number of organisations under a shared programs season.

  • Manage and update seasons within shared programs.

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