This article describes how to configure grades in the PlayHQ admin portal.

A grade contains a collection of allocated teams that are fixtured to play one another through the season. If a Team to Season registration form is used, team organisers can select the grade to nominate the team to be entered.


Create a grade

Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition and Season tile, and select the Add a Grade button. Creating a grade is a two-step guided process.

Complete the setup form, selecting the Grade Details of DayAge groupGender, and Division (optional), and then confirm the Grade name, and finally the Grade visibility.

Use the image and table below to assist in completing the first step of setting up a Grade:



# Section Description
1 Grade Details

Select/enter the relevant descriptors for the grade:

  • Day - choose the day of the week that the Grade will take place on

  • Age Group - choose the age group for the grade

  • Gender - choose the gender for the grade

  • Division - enter a division identifier, if needed e.g. "A", "B", or "1", "2" etc...

  • Grade name - A Grade Name will automatically generate as you select/enter the attributes above. You can override the grade name at any time. However, if you then update any of the grade attributes, the grade name will again be overwritten with an auto-generated name.

2 Grade visibility Set whether you would like this grade to be visible on the organisation's page on PlayHQ Discover.


Once you've completed the above step, select the Next button in the upper-right corner to then confirm/update the Grade game settings and complete create the grade.

The next step involves confirming the grade's ladder settings, and game settings.

Use the image and table below to assist in completing the second step of setting up a Grade:



# Section Description
3 Ladder Settings

Ranking type - choose whether the ladder for this grade will use a ladder points average ranking type, or the total ladder points type. For more information, see the Ladder Types page.

Ladder visibility - Set whether the grade's ladder is to be visible on the organisation's PlayHQ Discover site.

Note: To allow for regrading at certain rounds, there is an additional option in the ladder settings (after a grade has been created) that allows the ladder calculation to commence at a particular round.  Further information can be found here.


Game Settings

Game sheet template - choose a template.

Total game duration (mins) - choose the total game duration for the grade's games. This should include any warm-up time, pre-game, and wrap-up time after the game.

Period type - choose between Quarters or Halves.

Period length (mins) - choose the period length for the grade's games.


Allow clubs to enter scores via admin portal

Set whether club admins can enter game and period scores for both teams, manage their own or both teams lineups and set a lock out access period after the game starts.


Allow clubs to enter scores via electronic scoring

Set whether club admins can score their games via electronic scoring. Clubs can enter team lineups, player stats and game scores for both teams when the game goes into pending status.


Period Scores

Choose whether period scores are displayed ‘'By period’' or ''End of period'' for a game on the admin and participant portal.
By period - displays total points scored per period.

End of period - displays progressive game scores at the end of each period.


Player Limits

Choose to enable/disable player limits for the grade. If enabled, you will need to choose the maximum number of players who may participate in a game for a team when using electronic scoring.



Choose to enable/disable overtime for the grade. If enabled, you will need to choose whether overtime is Always on, or if it is for Finals Only. You will also need to set the duration of overtime periods.


Extra Scores

Choose to enable/disable extra scores for the grade. If enabled, you will need to select the value of the extra scoring type.


Select Add grade to confirm and commit your chosen grade settings.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a grade.


If you need to Edit, or Delete a Grade, follow the steps below:

Edit a grade

You can update the grade details at any time by selecting the relevant Competition and Season tiles, and then selecting the relevant Grade's name when viewing the list of grades in the Grade tab. Finally, when viewing the grade, select the Settings tab.

You'll arrive on the General sub-tab. However, there are several other sub-tabs available, including FixturingGameLadder, and Regrade History. You will find all of the settings described earlier, and more, in these tabs. Most can be changed at any time, but some cannot be updated due to critical implications on system functionality.


Update the information you would like to change, and then select Update & Save.


Delete a grade

You can delete a grade by selecting the relevant Competition and Season tile, selecting the Grade from the list of grades in the Grades tab, and then selecting the Settings sub-tab. Finally, from the General sub-tab, select Delete grade.


Note: If the grade contains at least one allocated team, or is selected in a Team to Season registration form, or has had a transaction recorded against it, then the grade cannot be deleted. If none of the dependencies listed above are valid for the grade, then the Delete grade button will be enabled.

Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete grade or click Cancel to return to the previous page without deleting the grade.


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