Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application(s): Admin Portal > Competition > Season

This article will cover the following:

  1. How to create a team as an Association Administrator.
  2. How to create a team as a Club Administrator.
  3. How to edit a team.
  4. How to delete a team.

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A team is typically made up of a number of participants (players, a coach/es, and a team manager/s). A team plays in a grade of competition for the season and maybe moved between grades so that they are appropriately challenged during the season of play.

Teams can be created in two ways:

  1. Manually within a competition season by an organisation administrator; or 
  2. By team organisers who register teams using the online 'Team to Season' registration process.  

This article describes how an administrator can create, edit, and delete a team in the PlayHQ admin portal.


Create a team

If you are an association/league administrator

Select the Competition Management main menu item then the appropriate Competition and Season tile, and select the Add a Team button when viewing the Teams tab.

To help minimise in-season changes, Association Administrators can stop clubs making edits of team names and attributes. This will help with name consistencies and updates made via the fixture upload tool, as team names will remain the same throughout. Association Admins will be able to make changes to team names at any stage. Locking team names can be done here: Admin Portal > Competition Management > Competition > Settings


If you a club administrator

Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then select the appropriate View button for the Competition Season, and select the Add a Team button when viewing the Teams tab.

You will arrive at similar Create a new team form (clubs have an added feature that assists with the naming convention of club managed teams):

Complete the Setup team details section including:

  1. Gender - select from Boys, Girls, Men, Mixed, Women, or Unspecified
  2. Age group - select a range from U8-U23, Open, or Unspecified
  3. ID - optional - this is used as a team identifier (for example: A, B, Red, Yellow, 1, 2, etc)
  4. Team name - the full name of the team, this will be displayed throughout fixtures, results, and ladders. Club team names are automatically created, but the team name can be overridden at any time provided the name hasn't been locked by an Association Administrator.

Note: Team custom fields that have been configured will show below the above details and can be completed by the administrator.

Within a home and away competition, the following fields are also mandatory:

5. Venue - select from a list of venues that are available to your sport

6. Playing surface - select from a list of courts or grounds assigned to your venue selection

Within a Home + Away competition, the fixture generation wizard will use this selection to automatically allocate the venue and playing surface of the home team to each game.



Once you've completed the required details, select the Add team button to commit the team to the season.

You will be returned to the Teams tab that lists all of the teams involved in the competition season (for your club only, or for the association and/or clubs competing in the competition season)



If you need to Edit, or Delete a Team, follow the steps below:

Edit a team

To make adjustments to a team, navigate to the Teams tab within the Season, and select the corresponding team's 'View' button.


Proceed to select the 'Edit Team' button.

Team name may be locked

Association administrators have the ability to lock team names in order to maintain consistency. If you can't update the team name, it's likely that your team name is locked. In this instance, we recommend contacting the association administrator.


Note: Allocating players, coaches, and team managers, and allocating the team to a grade, are covered separately.

You'll then be presented with the fields from the Create a team form. Make your necessary changes, then select Update & Save to save the changes, or Cancel to return to the previous view.



Delete a team

To delete a team, navigate to the Teams tab within the Season, and select the corresponding team's View button, and then select Delete team.


Note: You cannot delete a team if there are participants allocated, if the team is allocated to a grade, or if a registration form has been used to register the team.

Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete team, or click Cancel to return to the previous page without deleting the team.


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