Viewing an organisation's competitions and seasons

Once you've selected an Association or Club, you'll see the Competitions and Seasons that they manage/are involved in. You may see past, underway, and upcoming seasons of competition. Selecting a season will display any grades of competition. Each grade contains a fixture and typically a ladder that is updated with game results and outcomes.

Competitions are displayed alphabetically if there are multiple. In the following example screen image, the Association has two competitions that they are managing (Junior Domestic and Senior Domestic) and each contains three seasons (Upcoming, Active, and Completed):


Seasons within a Competition are displayed from newest to oldest if there are multiple:

The following details display for a Season:

  • Season name – the season/year of the Season; in some cases, only the year will display as the season name.
  • Season start and end date – the start and end date for the Season. Most Grades of competition will begin and end within these dates.
  • Status – the status of the Season. A Season can display as Upcoming, Active or Completed based on its start and end date.

You may select anywhere on a Season to display the list of its Grades.

Note that an Association may choose to display a Competition with no Seasons available. If this happens, you will see the following message displayed:

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